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2021 Update

Happy New Year!

Well, 2020 was quite the year huh? Here at TFD, 2020 was basically year 1. It was an insane year 1 for sure. We hit a growth spurt coming out of the womb and it has most likely created a distorted view of the future for us. We recognize that 2020 was a one-off year and we appreciate all of you that have embraced us and gotten to know us over the last year. Our goals for 2021 are lofty and we will need your help to get there. We have several products that we will be adding to our catalog in hopes that we will become the one-stop shop for all of your fitness equipment accessories.

The Spintray will be transitioning over to the TFD Tray and we are continuing to innovate and manipulate the designs of the trays to make them better.

The Pivot has gone through a couple of design updates that are mostly cosmetic. The function is unchanged. We are introducing the Pivot Dual which will have a Tv mount for the back side of the Peloton monitor. Start your ride, flip the screen and watch Netflix or play a game on the second monitor.

The Adjuster will see some changes in 2021. We will launch the Adjuster for the Plus bike in February and we will have a new version called the Adjuster Echo coming out late Q1. More info on this coming soon.

The Peddlers will launch mid year. This product will allow pedal adjustment for those of you with short legs. 🙂

The Utility Bar is just a few weeks away. This product is a riser that will provide a mounting location above the monitor for a fan, lights, speaker or anything else you can think of.

We have a few other items in the design phase that we will announce later in the year.

Thank you for supporting us and be sure to follow along. We will continue to drive this business as fast as it will go, we may crash it into the wall but at least we will never look back wondering if we could have done better.

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