Hi there! We have sure been busy. We moved into our new building and finally got all set up. We have been running at full production and preparing to get our new machines set up. We have an additional CNC router that is ready to go along with a new vertical mill. These machines will help us increase efficiency and lower costs. You are going to see a drop in the Adjuster price for sure by late summer. These additional machines will also give us the ability to grow much faster and react faster to customer needs and innovative ideas.

Sunny Health, Stryde, Echelon. We see the rising communities around these bike brands (among others) and we are positioning to be the go-to place for bike and fitness accessories. We are adding products as fast as we can while being as fiscally responsible as possible. If you are part of a bike community that we are neglecting, let us know so we can help you out! We just launched the Pivot and Tray for the Stryde bike along with a universal fit gel pad seat cover.

We are testing additional products like a foam roller, jump rope and an equipment mat. These products will be launching in the coming weeks.

The dreaded Tread +. First, we love the Tread +. I believe that this is by far the best treadmill on the market. Running and walking on the Tread + is fantastic. However, we are also concerned with the videos we have seen of the Tread + accidents. There are many ways that these accidents can be prevented but ultimately the death and injury of a child due to a treadmill shouldn’t happen. We discussed many ways to prevent it. Shields, guards, barriers all posed an additional problem. You may prevent death but potentially increase the risk of injury. A finger, clothes, hair can all potentially get grabbed in a newly created pinch point. We felt there had to be a better way and we went to work. We are now in the final stages of testing a sensor that will kill the treadmill power and stop the belt. This sensor should be available in the coming weeks. We posted a brief video of testing on our Instagram (@therealspintray).

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