New bikes, new products, and the Tread.

May 12, 2021

Hi there! We have sure been busy. We moved into our new building and finally got all set up. We have been running at full production and preparing to get our new machines set up. We have an additional CNC router that is ready to go along with a new vertical mill. These machines will…

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2021 Update

January 28, 2021

Happy New Year! Well, 2020 was quite the year huh? Here at TFD, 2020 was basically year 1. It was an insane year 1 for sure. We hit a growth spurt coming out of the womb and it has most likely created a distorted view of the future for us. We recognize that 2020 was…

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Three new products coming soon!

November 23, 2020

Here at Top Form Design we are always looking for more ways to improve and customize your workout experience. Here are three new products we are working on that will open up more options for you. The Pivot Dual This is an upgrade to the existing Pivot. This product will allow you to mount a…

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The Great Fitness Equipment Accessories Awakening

November 20, 2020

Did you ever think we would be posting pictures of exercise equipment on our social media feed? It wasn’t too long ago that our home fitness equipment was strategically placed in the home to ensure that no one would know you had it. More than a few of us hid our equipment under laundry, trying…

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Spintray Newsletter V-1

May 18, 2020

Good morning multi-taskers, I wanted to let you know what we are working on and share some general happenings in our world. First I need to address the shortage of acrylic. Recently we raised our price to help compensate for the increased material cost we are seeing. As restaurants and stores continue to add acrylic…

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