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Just like The Spintray™, our Steptray will make working while working out easier.

The Steptray is designed to fit on the handlebars of the Peloton® Tread+ (The original larger Tread) and will support a laptop, phone, tablet, book or anything else you may want to multi-task with while taking that casual scenic walk. The Steptray now includes a free laptop stand to provide additional height making typing easier and more comfortable.

Available in Clear or Dark Acrylic. Choose your style, stock quantities vary by color.

Now includes Nexstand K2 laptop stand!

The Nexstand is a compact, foldable laptop stand with adjustable height, making it easier than ever to work or play in comfort, while maintaining good posture.

*Tray includes Nexstand laptop stand, silicone cup holder, and Steptray only. Treadmill is not included.

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