The Pivot Dual



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The Pivot Dual is for those of you that really want to be different. We designed the Dual for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted you to bring Zwift to your Peloton. With the Dual you can mount another monitor to the back of your regular monitor.

Why? I knew you would ask.

Start your Peloton scenic ride, turn the screen 180 degrees and fire up a Zwift ride. Now you can race on Zwift* and keep your Peloton streak alive.

* Zwift compatibility requires additional add-on components.

For the rest of us, the Dual will give you the freedom to add another monitor so you can turn on Netflix, the news, cartoons or play Xbox and do it all while accumulating miles. We want the Peloton stats and our fun at the same time.

The Dual comes with a universal bracket for the second monitor and 4 screws. We are working on monitor recommendations. This is still a new idea and we are excited to hear from those of you willing to adapt this to your workout routine.

We also recommend a mid mounted monitor to ensure proper clearance when turning monitors.


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