The Pivot for Peloton Bike Screens (Original Models), Made in USA | 360° Movement Monitor Adjuster - Easily Adjust & Rotate Your Peloton Screen

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The Pivot is our #1 product. This is a must have for every generation 3 and older Peloton bikes. Take the hassle out of casting the screen. 

Top Form Design has created the Pivot so you can easily adjust your Peloton® monitor. You can now do all of those floor exercises without casting the screen!

The Pivot allows you to turn that gen 3 Peloton into a Plus model with full screen rotation.  360 degree rotation for any viewing angle of the Peloton® monitor. 

Quick and easy install with no modifications to your Peloton®. 

Aesthetically designed and black anodized to blend in with the Peloton® bike. 

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