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Game Changer. AMAZING.
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"This tray fits perfectly on my Peloton. Boring board meetings? Check. I have a scenic ride playing in the background & my zoom on my laptop on my tray. Keeping my legs moving keeps my irritation at bay. Impressively packaged & shipped, nice there was a personal note on it - the quality of the tray itself is great."
B. Birth
Exactly what I needed for my Peloton
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"Literally what I was looking for. It's sturdy, sticky, but not in a residue way but in a, my stuff won't fall off way... I got this and a seat pad and I literally take calls while on the bike. Solid purchase, very happy."
The Best Accessory to the Peloton
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"COVID has made me work from home and sometimes (oftentimes), there are long, unnecessary teleconferences or video conferences that should’ve been an email. This tray lets me multitask. I use it on the Scenic Ride or Just Ride options. It’s super sturdy and stuff does not slide off - even if you transition out of the saddle for a few cycles."
Gary B.
Innovative solution for the Peloton
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"I love this product. My daughter was looking for something that can hold her ipad pro while she bikes as she is taking online classes and needs to be watching the class. This is such an innovative product and comes with a nice handwritten note."
Elissa R.
If you are working from home, you need this!
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"I can’t even explain how much joy this brings me- I have been working from home for months due to COVID in NY, and the only salvation I have had during this time is my Peloton. Now I am able to combine work with riding, and as a result I have become simultaneously productive; both professionally and personally."

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