TFD The Flexible Tablet Mount | Fits with any Cycling Bike & Great for the Car and Truck

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Excellent way to position your phone or tablet onto almost anything else!

This is well engineered device. It will hold almost any phone or tablet and can be maneuvered in an infinite number of ways to fit almost anything else. It’s a fun device to use and so practical! I think it will last forever as all its pieces seem so strong and resilient.Highly recommended!

Solidly built, great product

I love this mounting bracket. It's built like a tank, beautifully made, and easy to use. It holds my iPad solidly whether I use it on my bike or my treadmill, without blocking any displays or controls. It's easy to put on and take off and its angle and height easily are adjustable. It's well worth the selling price and will likely last for many years. I wish I had gotten one of these years ago. It's a fabulous product. I'd give it ten stars if I could.

Super good

This gem did exactly what I wanted. I have a larger tablet that I am affixing to a ghost hunting rig and needed a sturdy mount for the monitor (tablet) and this allowed some funky articulation so I could make it work. EXACTLY what I wanted. I’d give an extra star if I could

Incredibly robust and exquisitely machined.

I travel by cargo bicycle in connection with an ongoing astronomy education/outreach project. (It’s a long, weird story.) Anyway, included in the bike’s payload is a telescope that mounts behind the bike’s saddle, and the scope’s most frequent target is the Sun. A filter at the front of the telescope reduces the sunlight to one-millionth of its full strength, and feeds the remaining safe-for-eyes-and-sensors light to a camera which transmits a live image wirelessly to an iPad, so it can be viewed by guests for whom I give presentations along those journeys.The iPad is Apple’s largest 12.9 Pro, which is big and a bit heavy at approximately 1.5 pounds. My typical audiences are school children, so I needed a way to secure the tablet to the bike in anticipation of inevitable jostles by active kids. After considering a number of options, I selected this TFD Tablet Mount, and I’m glad I did.Its frame is all metal and thus robust. It appears to be crafted from anodized aluminum with stainless fasteners. Indeed, the only plastic parts I can detect are the rear knob that locks the tablet bracket and the linings that protect the edges of the tablet and whatever surface the mount is clamped to. And the coatings, whether anodized or powder-coated, are flawless and durable. No scratches so far. All considered, this mount assembly is gorgeous.I have similar mounts for smaller devices, such as iPhones, but this mount features a refinement I’ve seen on no other mount that uses ball joints. The two balls of the swivel assembly are grooved to accept o-rings. When the swivel is tightened, these o-ring compress and lock to ensure there is absolutely no slippage, making the mount dead solid, which is especially important in my peculiar bicycle application. In their excitement, kids poke and bump the iPad, but the mount holds it firmly in whatever position I place it. Indeed, this is the most secure ball-clamp mounting I’ve used.The long slide mechanism that captures the tablet consists of two main parts: an outer casing that fully encloses both sides of the inner slide. As a result, when you tighten the rear knob, the inner slide does not budge. I’ve zero worry about the expensive iPad slipping out.I’ve used the mount with the iPad sans its protective case and while in the case, and it holds the tablet firmly in either configuration.For what it’s worth, there’s a cold shoe at the top of the slide bracket. I haven’t needed it, but it’s nice to have if a need arises in the future. Ditto the 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 female threads machined into the jaws of the bottom clamp.If there’s a downside for my application, it’s that the mount, being mostly solid metal, is not lightweight, but I’ll gladly sacrifice carrying the extra weight in exchange for peace of mind in the safety of my iPad.By the way, it was raining the day I wrote and posted this review, so I couldn’t set up the bike in astronomy-lab mode to photograph the mount in action, but I’ll post a photo at the next opportunity.Hope this helps. Clear skies!

Very adjustable

This tablet mount is very adjustable. I use it with my iPad pro 12.9' but I mount it horizontally so that it fits. It holds its weight pretty good. I mounted it on a mic stand and it worked fine.

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