TFD The Tray3D Compatible with Peloton Bike & Bike+ (Both Models)

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Kirk Hollohan

TFD The Tray3D Compatible with Peloton Bike & Bike+ (Both Models)

Chris AtLee
Great for meetings!

The tray fits our Bike+ perfectly, and makes it easy to attend long meetings while getting a workout in!

Good Peloton tray

Got this to use with my peloton+ bike so that I could use my laptop while I do some of the long rides. Assembly is easy as the tray is one piece, just simply slide over the handle bars. It’s somewhat adjustable by a few inches but not very customizable, it tends to slide down to the lower position with too much vibration. I noticed a few marks on the handlebar after it was installed but it seems that they come right off. This would be good to use for long rides that don’t require you to stand up. Probably won’t work well for sprints or rides that require you to get out of the saddle. Surface space is large enough for a laptop or tablet. Recommend if you like riding while working.

Fits decently on the Peloton+ but could be a bit more stable

Nice add-on for our bike. The tray sits securely but still has a little wiggle in it when in place. The material is plenty strong, and it doesn't move enough that i have concerns with anything falling off it. Good for if you need a little surface space while you ride.

Gregory Kent
Great accessory for your peloton to get your laptop on it.

I got my hands on this Peloton accessory recently, and it's got its ups and downs. On the bright side, it's a sturdy little tray that fits my Peloton Bike+ like a glove. It's awesome for keeping my laptop or tablet handy during workouts, making it easier to follow along with classes.But here's the flip side of the coin. This tray isn't exactly cheap, and I wish it were a bit more budget-friendly. Also, the way it attaches feels a tad flimsy, which makes me wonder about its long-term durability. Overall, it does the job of giving me a workout workspace, but it's a bit pricey and could use some sturdier construction.

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