The Tray Universal



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The Tray Universal is designed to take the original Spintray design and make it adaptable to other bikes in the industry. There are 9 mounting points on the tray itself and the tray comes with 3 clamps and 3 swivel arms. These components will allow you to affix the tray to your handlebars in multiple ways. You will be able to change the tray position fore and aft as well as tilt. It is completely adjustable. When the proper position is attained, lock the swivel arms in place and just loosen the clamps to remove the tray. The position of the swivel arms will stay in place allowing you to replicate that perfect position every time. We encourage you to experiment with the tray, test it in multiple positions to find the right place that fits best with your riding position. You can now convert your stationary bike to a desk in about 30 seconds.


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