TFD The Tread Tray 2.0 (Clear) | Compatible with Peloton Tread

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Thoughtful design well executed.

The TFD Tread Tray 2.0 is designed for use with the new generation of Peloton Tread. It is sturdy, easy to use with a couple simple set up steps out of the box and works very well. The Tread Tray is helping me get more active without losing time from my already packed work day. Super happy with this purchase.

Neat little desk

It’s incredibly simple. Its just CnC cut thick plexiglass. For the cost they should have installed the rubber feet and pads. It also wouldn’t have killed them to remove the paper wrap that comes on plastic sheeting then wrap it in a light foam bag. I spent 10 minutes digging out adhesive from the logo they etched into the front of the desk and didn’t get all of it.Definitely not ok for running but it is easily removed and installed so converting and going back and forth is easy.

Catherine HallCatherine Hall
Great fit for peloton tread!

I was looking at walking treadmills for my desk and then discovered this product to turn my already existing peloton into a work station. The tray is extremely durable and I can fit many things, comfortably, on it while working. I use it primarily during longer meetings and so I have my external camera sitting on top of the tread screen, which works great for me. I am 5'11" and so it is too low for me to use yo actually work. I'd have to be looking fully down at my screen causing neck strain. Overall, due to me being so tall and the short positioning of the tray/tread handles, I will probably invest in a walking pad still to go under my adjustable desk. But this is great for meetings where I don't have to look down at my laptop screen religiously.

Megan KMegan K
Great product

Fits perfectly on the new Peloton Tread & the clear glass look makes it very chic and stylish. If you’re tall you may need to get some type of laptop stand. I still think it’s a tad bit expensive, but love it so far.

Works great, looks great!

I ordered this about a week ago, it’s great for working and walking. Super sturdy and looks great- like the other reviewers mentioned, peeling off the brown tape covering is a bit of a chore but i guess it’s there to protect in travel. They include a QR code in the box with your rubber stickies that you need to attach and it’s super clear and easy. 10/10 recommend + it’s way less expensive than the ones on other websites!

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