TFD The V2 Tray (Clear) Compatible with Peloton (Original Models)

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Customer Reviews

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Adjust your handle bars higher to use!

I like the idea of it and it’s quality material, however, j am short 5’3” and even with adjusting my seat, my knees still want to touch. I contacted them on instagram and they told me to raise the handle bar up high… wow world of difference!!! Much better

Great Refit

I purchased the original spin tray probably a year ago and I returned it because while it was VERY well made I was concerned that the sharp edges would eventually damage my handlebars. I know that it didn’t seem to be an issue on many reviews BUT I know my luck and I wasn’t willing to possibly damage my very expensive new purchase. So I returned and just did without. I was perusing and so happy to see this redesign. I knew the product was going to be well-made and decided to take a chance and I LOVE it. Just as easy as the original to install, just as sturdy, but much less contact with the handlebars and has curved edges. Chefs kiss. I’m so excited to be able to read for grad school and ride easier. THANK YOU!!Yes I know I still have the paper on the one side. I was just really excited to try!

Amazon Customer

I am coming back to edit my review- what I originally wrote is at the bottom…long story short, don’t be me. This product is exactly as pictured. My husband put it on the bike and removed the instructions that said to peel the protective coating off…the protective coating that looks like wood. Long story short, the company sent another one to me- no questions asked. That is amazing customer service! Before the second one arrived I realized my mistake and was going to update my review. The replacement arrived before I could even do that. So, to the company- I am so very sorry. I have already contacted Amazon to return the second one and NOT get a refund. This is perfect! Works exactly as I want it to.Original review- I was oh so wrong: I received a wooden tray, not clear plastic like pictured. It has rough edges and cut outs. Not at all what this appears to be.

Doesn't come with the gel pad it says it should

Seems to work fine, not super sturdy but good enough for a small laptop. Definitely disappointing that the gel pad didnt come with at stated.

They fixed the edges

Alot of reviews wrote about sharp edges and it damaging the bike but there is a clear grind on the edges now and I’ve had it for a couple weeks with maybe 5 or so rides (I don’t always ride with the desk) and it doesn’t seem like it will do any damage. It’s great though. Super easy to take on and off, although if you’re gonna ride for an extended period depending on what you’re doing you might need to make adjustments to the bike. If I’m reading or sitting through a work video call then the posture is fine but if I’m gonna be typing emails, I need to adjust it.

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