The Tray-E | Compatible with Echelon EX5 & EX5s - Work & Ride Desk Tray for Echelon Bike - Holder for Laptop, Tablet, Phone, & Book

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The Tray for Echelon EX5 and EX5s fits on your handlebars and will support a laptop, phone, tablet, book or anything else you may want to multi-task with while taking that casual scenic ride. You don't have to ride all-out all the time. Throw the tray on and bust out a dual purpose work-work out event. Comes with a GelPad. 

Available in Clear Acrylic for the Echelon® models EX5 and EX5S. 

* The TRAY includes neoprene insert for ledge, silicone cup holder, and the TRAY only. Cup, Mousepad, Pencil, Paper, & bike are for illustration only and not included. .

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