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Three new products coming soon!

Here at Top Form Design we are always looking for more ways to improve and customize your workout experience. Here are three new products we are working on that will open up more options for you.

The Pivot Dual

This is an upgrade to the existing Pivot. This product will allow you to mount a second monitor to the Pivot on the backside of the existing Peloton monitor. Now you can start your ride, turn the screen 180 degrees and watch Netflix, game, or anything else you can think of. The options are endless. The Dual will come with a monitor mounting bracket as well. Pricing and release date are TBA.

The Adapter

The Adapter is made for hardcore road or dirt riders. It allows you to mount any standard bike neck and handlebar configuration to your Peloton. You will remove the Peloton handlebars, re-mount the Peloton monitor and affix any off-the-shelf handlebar and neck that you choose. Replicate your road set-up right on your Peloton. Pricing and release date are TBA.

The Tray – Universal by TFD

After months of R & D, testing, and market analysis we are finally prepared to launch the Universal. This tray can be affixed to most handlebar configurations. With the flexible articulating arms and the 9 mounting points you should be able to find a secure position to mount the Universal along with the freedom to find a comfortable position to do your work. This tray is still quick and easy to remove when the riding quest is serious, just loosen the clamps and remove. Leave the articulating arms secure so that you can simply reattach when you need to jump back on the bike for that afternoon Zoom call. This comes standard with 2 clamps and 2 articulating arms. You can purchase a 3rd clamp and articulating arm for additional stability if needed.

The launch price for the Universal will be $99.99, with a tentative launch date of 12/01/2020. Our fingers are crossed!

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