Who We Are

Top Form is a culmination of two entrepreneurs coming together to make fitness equipment just a little better. After the birth of the Spintray, I (Russ) needed some help to make more complicated parts and pieces. I went on a mission to find an engineer/designer to help make (what would later become the Adjuster) into a reality.

I met Casey through a local referral. Casey was the owner/founder of Docent Design which specialized in aerospace tooling. Casey and I started with an agreement on product but our working relationship quickly evolved and we recognized that we would be a good team. After months of working together, development and some long days of discussion, Top Form Design was created.

Top Form is now home to all things Spintray as well as our TFD add-on parts. We are continuously working on product development and improvement.

If you have an idea, let us know.
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