Top Form Design is a brand built with fitness and productivity in mind. We focus on products that make working out easier without reducing calorie burn. Contact us today for more info or shop online today! How to Stay Fit and Eat Well Wherever You Are When you work from home, trips to the gym aren’t as convenient as they used to be. Perhaps your job keeps you on the road a lot, and that makes it tough to connect with your workout buddy. If you find your regimen regularly derailed, it can wreak havoc with your overall well-being. Less exercise doesn’t just mean you may lose strength or gain weight; it can also seriously harm your mental health. Regular exercise – even if it’s not your usual routine – and healthy eating will help to ground you and release some of your anxiety and other negative feelings. It’s an important key to sustaining not just your physical wellness, but also your mental and emotional health, particularly when you’re combatting the effects of vitiligo. Top Form Design shares a few resources on how you can stay fit and eat well, including some tips on what you can do if you’re unable to get to your gym or yoga studio. Workout Wherever You don’t need to head to a full fitness facility for a great workout. In fact, with just enough space to stretch out, you can create a workout routine that offers full-body fulfillment. Fill in gaps in your regimen or build a whole new routine with these ideas: 10-Move Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required Dance Workouts You Can Do at Home Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises to Get You Ripped Flexibility Training - Improve Stability and Decrease Injury Think Outside the Studio: Starting a Home Yoga Practice Food is Fuel Your mind and body won’t function well without proper nutrition. Ensure you have the energy and nutrients you need to be your best self. The following tips and resources will help ensure you eat right, even when time for meal prep is tight or you just can’t get to the store. The Top Food Delivery Services Close to Where You Are 6 Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Busy Top 10 Pantry Staples Recipes Cut Stress When you have vitiligo, stress gets in the way of living a happy and healthy life in critical ways. It raises cortisol levels, which can make you gain weight, experience insomnia, and other negative ramifications. Keep stress at bay so you can thrive! 7 Successful Stress Management Techniques The Best Meditation Apps of 2021 A Checklist for Clearing Bad Energy from Your Home It’s important to move toward your goals as well as you can, even when your routine is disrupted. Maintaining your fitness and nutrition regimen will keep you grounded and reduce some of the stress you’re feeling, which consequently will have positive effects on vitiligo management. As a result, you can be happier and healthier, wherever life takes you. Photo Credit: Unsplash