Recovering From Hard Times? How Exercise Can Transform Your Life

Recovering From Hard Times? How Exercise Can Transform Your Life

No one understands the need for change more than an individual who has suffered through a difficult life event. Going through tough times can harm your life and relationships, put your family in disarray, and bring on feelings of utter defeat. When you decide that you’ve had enough strain on your mental health, you can finally begin to recover. This takes time, patience, and strength, and as many have found out, physical activity can be a great facilitator. Use these tips from Top Form Design to incorporate fitness into your fresh new chapter.

Exercise and the Brain

Our bodies are beautifully complex and deeply interwoven with the inner workings of our mind. Physical activity affects moods and emotions, and something as simple as taking a brisk walk outdoors can have a lasting impact on the rest of our day. The reason for this relationship between exercise and our mind can be explained on a physiological level. Exercise is known to release certain chemicals, known as endorphins, in our brain. These endorphins affect our mood and can make us feel lighter, energetic, and happy.

When we commit ourselves to prolonged periods of exercise, our minds also have time to process different thoughts and emotions, which can provide us with clarity as well as reduce our overall stress and frustration. Sometimes, after long periods of running, we can even experience a certain kind of high, known as a “runner’s high,” which is said to feel almost euphoric.

Exercise and Self-Worth

In addition to affecting us on a physiological level, Work It Daily notes that  exercise boosts our self-confidence and overall feelings of self-worth. This occurs more gradually as a person exercising begins to notice the ways that exercise has affected their physical appearance as well as their strength and capabilities. Nothing is more motivating than witnessing results, such as when you start running further, building muscle mass, and looking better in the mirror. Noticing yourself improving over time will motivate you to keep going, and knowing that you caused this transformation can be empowering.

How to Supplement Your Recovery With Exercise

So, now that you know just how valuable exercise can be in your personal recovery, you are probably wondering what’s the best way to use exercise to help get your life back on track. Indoor cycling has become more popular than ever because it’s a great way to work out and there are a variety of exercise bike options. Plus, with great gear from Top Form Design, you can turn your bike into a customized exercise station. Whether you want a laptop tray or stand, phone mount, or super comfy seat cover, we’ve got everything you need to have the best cycling workout every single day!

In addition, running, biking, swimming, mountain climbing, weightlifting, and yoga are all viable options for you to pursue. The best exercise for you depends mostly on your personal preference. Choose an activity that interests and challenges you. Running is as straightforward of a physical exercise as you can get, but activities such as yoga can push you physically while also enriching you mentally and spiritually.

There are a few steps you need to take to maximize the efficiency of your exercise regimen. The first of these is buying some workout equipment that will enhance your workouts. Along with bike accessories from Top Form Design, consider investing in a set of weights, a yoga mat, and a quality pair of headphones that you can connect wirelessly to your device when streaming workout videos or playing heart-pumping music.

Next, you'll need to get yourself into a routine. Routines build regularity in your life, which helps you get back into the groove of things. By establishing a workout routine or a running schedule, you can teach your mind and body how to discipline itself.

Fitness Blender warns that you should know your own personal limits or you could injure yourself. Just like with anything in life, exercising too much can be excessive. While exercise makes our bodies stronger, it can also push us to the edge. Too much, too fast can wear us down and lead to exhaustion, frustration, and even injury. As you exercise, be sure to listen to your body and know when enough is enough. Take time to rest and rejuvenate and never forget the importance of self-care.

It takes a strong person to realize that their life is going downhill and to take the initiative to make a change. The road to recovery is long and filled with many difficulties. By allowing exercise to transform your life, you can get back on your feet.

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Recovering from hard times? how exercise can transform your life